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1959 Fender Telecaster
Jimmy Page, ca. 1967
General Specs
Body: Single cutaway slab ash body
Finish: Blond with nitrocellulose lacquer (1959-1967), Paint stripped and handpainted dragon by Jimmy Page (1967-1971)
Neck: One-piece maple neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood with pearloid dot inlays
Frets: 21
Bridge: Top-loading bridge w/ adjustable chrome saddles
Headstock: Logo removed
Tuners: "Double line" Kluson Deluxe
Hardware: Chrome
Pickguard: White Bakelite, then handmade black single layer ABS pickguard, custom "metallic" pickguard for Dragon Tele era.
Pickups: Flat pole single coil (chrome cover on neck pickup)
Controls: Master Volume knob, Master Tone knob and 3-position toggle switch
Years in use: 1966-1971
The 1959 Fender Telecaster, dubbed the "Dragon Telecaster", has a pretty wild life, although it ended in tragedy.

It was originally purchased in 1961 by John Owen for £107. It soon landed in the hands of Jeff Beck, his bandmate in the pop band, The Deltones. Beck brought the guitar with him to the Yardbirds in 1965 as a backup to his Gibson Les Paul. The original white Bakelite pickguard and switchtip of the Telecaster crumbled off and Beck had replaced it with a homemade black pickguard.

When Beck abandoned the Yardbirds in August 1966, the Telecaster was left behind for Jimmy Page to use (with its original white pickguard). By March 1967, eight reflective circles appeared on the front body of the guitar, perhaps as a nod to Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd, who donned a similarly-decorated Fender Esquire guitar in January 1967 for a recording session for the movie Tonight Let's All Make Love in London.

In late 1967, Jimmy Page stripped the Fender Blond paint off and handpainted a green, red and orange psychadelic dragon on the front of the ash body and replaced the pickguard with a pickguard made of clear acrylic with a sheet of diffraction grating film underneath.

Jimmy Page brought the Dragon Telecaster to Led Zeppelin and used it as his primary guitar until late April 1969 when he bought the Gibson Les Paul 'Number One' from Joe Walsh.

In addition, the Dragon Telecaster was used on Led Zeppelin in October 1968 and used for the guitar solo on Stairway To Heaven in late 1970.

In a 1998 Guitar World interview, Jimmy Page said the following about the fate of the Dragon Telecaster.

"I still have it (referring to the Dragon Tele), but it’s a tragic story. I went on tour with the '59 Les Paul that I bought from Joe Walsh, and when I got back, a friend of mine had kindly painted over my paint job. He said, 'Ive got a present for you." He thought he had done me a real favor. As you can guess, I wasn't real happy about that. His paint job totally screwed up the sound and the wiring, so only the neck pickup worked. I salvaged the neck and put it on my brown Tele string bender that I used in the Firm. As for the body... it will never be seen again! (laughs)"


1959 Fender Telecaster
Jeff Beck
1959 Fender Telecaster
Jeff Beck
1959 Fender Telecaster
The Yardbirds, October 1, 1966, Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England
1959 Fender Telecaster
Jimmy Page, ca. March 1967
1959 Fender Telecaster
Jimmy Page, September 7, 1968, Egegård Skole, Gladsaxe, Denmark
1959 Fender Telecaster
Jimmy Page, March 14, 1969, Stockholm Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden
1959 Fender Telecaster
Jimmy Page, May 2, 1969, Rose Palace, Pasadena, California

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This Month in
Led Zeppelin History

August xx, 1968 - Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham hold their first rehearsals in Gerrard Street, London
August xx, 1968 - Page, Grant and Chris Dreja go see Robert Plant perform at a Birmingham Teachers College. Page invites Plant to his Pangbourne house and offers him the vocalist position
August xx, 1969 - Peter Grant starts enforcing the 90/10 split in favor of the band
August 31, 1969 - The third US tour ends at the Texas International Festival in Dallas
August xx, 1970 - Zeppelin earn no less than $25,000 per show
August 17, 1970 - Page completes mixing of the Led Zeppelin III in Memphis
August 19, 1971 - The seventh North American tour opens in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
August xx, 1972 - Jimmy Page purchases Plumpton Manor in Sussex
August xx, 1973 - Jimmy starts arranging ideas for the next album
August xx, 1974 - Film maker Peter Clifton has the band re-enact scenes at Shepperton Studios
August 31, 1974 - John Paul Jones appears with David Gilmour and Steve Broughton as Roy Harper’s backing band for the night
August 04, 1975 - Robert Plant and his family are seriously injured as their car veers off the road on the island of Rhodes
August 08, 1975 - Rehearsal for Zeppelin’s Eleventh North American tour postponed after Robert is involved in a serious car accident
August xx, 1976 - Arrangements are made to show the upcoming Zep film in theaters
August xx, 1976 - Jimmy Page finishes mixing the soundtrack for the movie The Song Remains The Same
August 14, 1977 - Jimmy jams with Ron Wood at a charity golf tournament for underprivileged children
August xx, 1978 - Robert plays with Dr. Feelgood and Phil Carson in Ibiza, Spain while on holiday
August 11, 1979 - Led Zeppelin perform a second show at Knebworth due to overwhelming ticket demands
August xx, 1980 - Jimmy moves into his new Windsor home, which was purchased from Michael Caine
August 14, 2009 - It Might Get Loud opened in select theatres in NY, WA & CA.
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