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Footage of Led Zeppelin performing two songs at the Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music on June 28, 1970 may soon see the light.

A fan named Ron, who was living in Bristol at the time, received a new Super 8mm camera as a gift for his 22nd birthday and intended ahead of time to film Led Zeppelin. He was able to film one reel, approximately 10 minutes, which contained the songs Immigrant Song and the beginning of How Many More Times.

Ron had stored the reel in a small box at his parents and discovered it last month. He had the reel transferred digitally. The footage itself is very good and the color hasn't faded noticeably. Currently, the footage is silent, however there will most likely have audio synced to it. You can soon view the footage on Led Zeppelin's Official YouTube Channel.

Led Zeppelin Bath 1970 Footage Found

John Paul Jones Performing with Spin Marvel
Electronic jazz group Spin Marvel is led by the former Loose Tubes drummer Martin France, and features some of Europe's finest musicians including celebrated trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer. For this performance they are also joined by special guest John Paul Jones, of Led Zeppelin & Them Crooked Vultures, on bass guitar. Praised for their use of textural soundscape and colour they have developed a distinctly European sound that is highly inventive and compelling.

Cheltenham Jazz Festival » Spin Marvel / Sat 30 Apr / 5:15pm / Arena

Line Up
Martin France - Drums & Electronics
Nils Petter Molvaer - Trumpet
Terje Evensen - Live Electronics
John Paul Jones - Bass

From: Cheltenham Festivals Website
Can't guess what Washington's budget battle has to do with the long disbanded British heavy metal group Led Zeppelin? You need schoolin' from Rockin' Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R., Mich.).

Mr. McCotter took to the House floor Friday and told his fellow lawmakers that when he woke up this morning, "I found I had a hankering to listen to Led Zeppelin." Mr. McCotter, who plays in a bipartisan congressional rock band called the Second Amendments proceeded to deliver punch lines that only Led Zep fans would get.

It wasn't because there was a Communication Breakdown between the parties, he said.

It wasn't because one of the senators was wearing a nice Kashmir sweater.

"It's because for the Democratic Party, The Song Remains The Same," he said.

Mr. McCotter proceeded to take Democrats to task for scaring seniors and children about the Republicans' plans for overhauling Medicare.

Mr. McCotter's office emailed a press release and Youtube link to his classic rock-inspired speech.

But Mr. McCotter left a few Led Zeppelin budget one-liners on the table. If the government shuts down, who will get Trampled Under Foot? If Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner come back to the White House without a deal, will President Barack Obama ask, "How Many More Times?" Maybe House Republicans will compromise on spending cuts, then tell Democrats, "Your Time Is Gonna Come."

From: Wall Street Journal
The Yardbirds head up inaugural Led Zeppelin tribute festival
The Yardbirds, featuring original members Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty, will headline the first annual ZepFest, scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend at the National Harbor on the Potomac River in Prince George's County, MD.

The festival, honoring Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Led Zeppelin, will feature five stages with more than 50 bands, including Vanilla Fudge, Dread Zeppelin, Night Hawks and Willie Big Eyes, according to a press release.

The event also will feature guest speakers, authors and exhibits. One of Led Zeppelin's original roadies, as well as former Atlantic Records president Jerry Greenberg, will be among the special guests.

ZepFest is offering a variety of ticket options for the three day event (5/27-29). Additional information is available at the festival website.

From: SoundSpike
There are moments during a Robert Plant and Band of Joy show where you sink into the music and actually forget for a while that the Robert Plant is on stage. Band of Joy is so much its own thing, and so impressive, that even Plant's epochal history recedes.

But then they start to play Ramble On, and there's no fighting Ramble On.

Among the many highlights at Friday's sold-out Band of Joy show at the Louisville Palace, there can be no downplaying of the mass audience sing-along on the chorus of Ramble On, one of several songs that Plant pulled from his Led Zeppelin playbook. It was a moment. But only one.

Plant and band let loose a subtle roar all night, finding room to build dynamics in even the most subdued songs. It was an intricate passion play that they made look easy, except when trying to remember the endless lyrics to Bob Dylan's A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.

"This Band of Joy is a remarkable beast," Plant said after a stark version of Monkey, from the band's self-titled album. "The colors move around the stage night after night."

Bandleader Buddy Miller and multi-instrumentalist Darrell Scott were responsible for more than their share of colors on a variety of stringed instruments, but drummer Marco Giovino also delivered a deep range of textures using everything from a length of chain to what looked like a baseball glove. Patty Griffin's pristine hamonies worked wonders with Plant's ageing, but still distinctive, voice.

The set was comprised entirely of songs from Band of Joy and a handful of Zeppelin songs reworked to fit the aesthetic, including a version of Black Dog to open the show that was half-speed and all sex. Not that it took a lot of work. Band of Joy is no stranger to the blues, the prime force behind Zeppelin, so they just slowed things down a bit, except for mostly faithful takes on Black Country Woman and Tangerine.

It was like listening to Plant revisit his younger self, teaching him that slow and easy has its merits, and that subtlety creates its own kind of heat.

A duo version of North Mississippi Allstars opened, featuring brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson on guitar and drums, respectively. Their back-porch blues perfectly melded with the headliner, and their sound was amazingly full. Much bigger bands have accomplished far less.

From: Louisville Courier-Journal

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This Month in
Led Zeppelin History

May 31, 1948 - John Henry Bonham was born at Redditch, Worchestershire
May xx, 1969 - The band’s debut album enters the US Top 10
May xx, 1969 - Recording sessions for Led Zeppelin II begin
May xx, 1970 - The band works on new material at Bron-Y-Aur
May 03, 1971 - Richard Cole jams on Whole Lotta Love playing congas
May xx, 1972 - Houses Of The Holy recording sessions on location at Stargroves and Olympic studios
May 27, 1972 - Warm-up gigs kick off in Holland for an upcoming American tour
May 04, 1973 - Led Zeppelin gross nearly $250,000 for their performance in Atlanta, GA
May 05, 1973 - 56,800 attend the second show of the 1973 US tour at Tampa. This sets a record for the largest attendance for a one-act performance, previously held by the Beatlesfor their Shea Stadium show in 1965
May 10, 1974 - Swan Song Records is officially launched
May 11, 1974 - Led Zeppelin attend an Elvis concert and are thrilled when Elvis announces that Led Zeppelin is in the building
May 10, 1975 - Showco ships their PA system and video screens for the Earls Court shows from Dallas to London
May 23, 1976 - Page and Plant join Bad Company onstage at the LA Forum
May 21, 1977 - The Houston Summit claims $500,000 in damages to their venue caused by rowdy fans
May xx, 1978 - The band reunite at Clearwater Castle to rehearse
May 22, 1979 - It is officially announce that Led Zeppelin will headline at the Knebworth Festival in August
May 15, 1980 - After many revisions the European tour dates are finalized and the band is scheduled to open in Germany
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