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VH1 Classic has interviewed Robert Plant and are screening a one-hour 'Robert Plant Special' in the USA on November 1st and 4th to coincide with the release of his solo career Best Of double album (entitled From '66 to Timbuktu). During the interview Robert talks of his experiences at The Festival in the Desert 2003, and to illustrate this, the special will feature footage of Robert shot at the festival. This footage is also part of a forthcoming Festival in the Desert DVD documentary which is scheduled to be released in the USA by World Village in 2004. Plant's live-in-the-Sahara rendition of Win My Train Fare Back Home (If I Ever Get Lucky) is featured on the new CD, Festival in the Desert (World Village).
Due Nov. 4, the 35-track set traces Plant's career, starting with his first solo single in 1966 through a live performance this year in Timbuktu. The first disc features material from his solo albums, but it's the second disc that will grab fans' attention: It is full of rarities, bonus tracks, his work with pre-Zeppelin groups Listen and the Band Of Joy and side projects like Philadelphia Baby, recorded under the Crawling King Snakes moniker, a one-off that included Dave Edmunds and Phil Collins.

Highlights from the 2003 Le Festival au Désert, held in the Sahara last January are featured on an upcoming CD. "It was an extraordinary experience... I felt, this was the music I'd been looking for all my life. All you've got to do is listen to the CD… and you're there", says Plant. The cd hits stores on October 14 and a dvd release is planned for early 2004.
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Warner Music Vision is proud to announce the 20th October 2003 multi-channel DVD-Audio release of Led Zeppelin's spectacular live album How The West Was Won. Already a phenomenal success as a CD release, How The West Was Won provided fans of the band with a highly anticipated compilation of hit tracks from two live shows originally recorded back in 1972.


Metallica poses as Led Zeppelin for a new photo shoot appearing in the 70th anniversary issue of Esquire magazine, which hits newsstands next week. A post on Metallica's website explains that the idea behind the shoot, which took place at the Hit Factory in New York on July 8th, was "to have current artists portray certain music icons." Metallica's tour manager, who worked with Zeppelin in the past, made sure that the wigs and clothing for the shoot were accurate.

Metallica reportedly played Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love over and over again during the photo shoot. The pictures can now be seen at the band's official website,

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This Month in
Led Zeppelin History

May 31, 1948 - John Henry Bonham was born at Redditch, Worchestershire
May xx, 1969 - The band’s debut album enters the US Top 10
May xx, 1969 - Recording sessions for Led Zeppelin II begin
May xx, 1970 - The band works on new material at Bron-Y-Aur
May 03, 1971 - Richard Cole jams on Whole Lotta Love playing congas
May xx, 1972 - Houses Of The Holy recording sessions on location at Stargroves and Olympic studios
May 27, 1972 - Warm-up gigs kick off in Holland for an upcoming American tour
May 04, 1973 - Led Zeppelin gross nearly $250,000 for their performance in Atlanta, GA
May 05, 1973 - 56,800 attend the second show of the 1973 US tour at Tampa. This sets a record for the largest attendance for a one-act performance, previously held by the Beatlesfor their Shea Stadium show in 1965
May 10, 1974 - Swan Song Records is officially launched
May 11, 1974 - Led Zeppelin attend an Elvis concert and are thrilled when Elvis announces that Led Zeppelin is in the building
May 10, 1975 - Showco ships their PA system and video screens for the Earls Court shows from Dallas to London
May 23, 1976 - Page and Plant join Bad Company onstage at the LA Forum
May 21, 1977 - The Houston Summit claims $500,000 in damages to their venue caused by rowdy fans
May xx, 1978 - The band reunite at Clearwater Castle to rehearse
May 22, 1979 - It is officially announce that Led Zeppelin will headline at the Knebworth Festival in August
May 15, 1980 - After many revisions the European tour dates are finalized and the band is scheduled to open in Germany
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