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Date August 14, 1966
Location Great Falls, Montana
Venue State Fairgrounds, 4-H Building
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Jimmy Page and The Yardbirds.

Concert Memories

Sunday afternoon, August 14, 1966. While listening to the radio, I hear the deejay say The Yardbirds will be arriving in one hour to play their concert at the 4-H Building at the fairgrounds that evening. I have had my drivers license for a little over a month and my mother says I can take the car, but even though I call everyone I know, I can't find anyone to go with me so I drive up to Great Falls International Airport by myself. There are about 100 others who have also heard the deejay on KUDI AM 1450 make the announcement and we're all excited about The British Invasion coming to our city. Within a short time, the crowd starts buzzing with murmurs of "I can see the plane!", which quickly turn into " There it is. . ." and "There they ARE!"

As soon as they deplane, I quickly start thinking of where they will stay - I want to meet them BAD! I narrow it down to the two largest hotels and as I leave the airport before anyone else does, I mentally flip a coin and decide to drive to the Holiday Inn, where I sit in my mom's VW bug and wait. About 15 minutes later, a limo pulls up and in a town the size of Great Falls, Montana, I know this has to be them. For a brief moment panic sets in when I realize I don't have anything to write on, or with! I look in the car's glove box to find only 2 items: a small piece of paper and a pencil. I'm nervous and excited but with my legs shaking, get out of the car and walk up to the limo. As I do, the window is rolled down and there they are! "Can I have your autographs?" Keith Relf answers, "Sure" and passes around my piece of paper after he signs it. I notice Jeff Beck has signed it upside down. All I can manage to say to the first band and first Brits I have ever met is "Thanks, see you at the concert tonight!"



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