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Rhythm Magazine Presents 100 Drum Heroes
Oh yes, another list of tops.

Rhythm, the UK's best-selling drum magazine, has compiled a list of the 100 drum heroes for a bookazine that is in shops now.

Of course, John Bonham topped the list. John Bonham's forceful personality and no-nonsense approach to life both helped shape his drumming philosophy and underpinned his success as a performer. He hit hard and drove his bands with relentless energy.

In an era when drummers were as famous as singers and guitarists, Bonham was rated alongside his peers Ginger Baker, Keith Moon and Mitch Mitchell. His showcase solo Moby Dick was a concert showstopper, while his contribution to Led Zeppelin's recordings underpinned and shaped many of their greatest hits. He combined power with simplicity, emphasised time-keeping and insisted the drums should be loud, forceful and resonant, thereby laying down the law for rock drumming.

For more Drum Heroes, get yourself a copy of Rhythm Presents 100 Drum Heroes on Apple Newsstand, in the shops, or online right now! It's got loads of interviews and profiles with a ton of drummers, plus it's beautifully illustrated with classic and new photographs!

From: Rhythm Magazine

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