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This is the legendary, triumphant return to the stage of Led Zeppelin, after 27 years of silence - It is cobbled together from video and audio clips collected from interested audience members. While the show was videotaped in HD multicam video that night, those recordings are not yet slated for formal DVD production ... Kinda sad, considering this was Page's best performance in years ...

I had heard about it then, and looked in vain for decent quality clips ... I guess I wasn't alone ....

(yeah yeah .. I know about the plagiarism claims, but I don't buy into it .... EVERY guitarist uses riffs he picked up somewhere else ... They embrace them, tweak them, and breathe new life into them .... Led Zeppelin is a seminal rock band that created a genre that still echos today .... Page is the guitarist that launched a 100 million guitarists .... Still revered as a guitar god .... Enjoy! ...    )

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