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For several months, unconfirmed media reports have circulated suggesting that Robert Plant may have gotten married to his Band of Joy collaborator Patty Griffin. Now, in a new interview with The Independent, the founding Led Zeppelin frontman hints that he may have indeed tied the knot with the Austin, Texas-based singer/songwriter.

In midst of discussing his new group, The Sensational Space Shifters, with the newspaper, he admits, "I eloped and ran off to Texas. So now I spend half my time there and half [in England]."

Whether or not Plant and Griffin are married, the two are continuing to make beautiful music together in The Sensational Space Shifters, whose lineup also includes several members of the 63-year-old rocker’s former band The Strange Sensation, as well as other musicians. The collective’s music incorporates many of the influences Plant has delved into over the years, including Americana, African and Middle Eastern sounds, psychedelia and, of course, hard rock. Plant tells The Independent that he really enjoys the sonic flexibility of the Shape Shifters, which recently began playing their first gigs.

"People come together to do what they want to do, and what they can," he explains. "The sound [guitarist] Justin [Adams] and [Gambian multi-instrumentalist] Juldeh [Camara] make melds into one beautiful thing. The space-shifting is a natural movement. It’s wild."

He adds, "We could switch to bendirs [North African frame drums] and go off into some Arabic folk song in the middle of ‘Whole Lotta Love.’ I take chances and I risk, but I don’t study…With this spacey, trippy s**t, I get in the middle of it and go."

While he’s just beginning his journey with the new outfit, he also has plans to release a second record with The Band of Joy in 2013. He describes the upcoming record as "far, far out with psychedelic pedal steel and all sorts of stuff."

As for The Sensational Space Shifters, their next appearance will take place July 29 at the WOMAD Festival in Malmesbury, England. The band also has two U.S. dates lined up, on August 11 and 12 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and Birmingham, Alabama, respectively.

From: WFJA

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