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Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin's catalog is coming to online streaming service Spotify.

The band has signed an exclusive deal with Spotify that will see their full album catalog available to stream on-demand for the first time.

Zeppelin albums are being rolled out in order of release, starting December 11.

Fans can stream songs from the band's first two records ("Led Zeppelin", "Led Zeppelin II") now, with additional albums being released at midnight local time each day for the next four days, making the full catalog of studio and live albums available on Spotify by Sunday, December 15.

Led Zeppelin / Spotify release schedule:

• Wed Dec 11 – Led Zeppelin (1969) and Led Zeppelin II (1969)
• Thu Dec 12 – Led Zeppelin III (1970) and Untitled fourth album (1971)
• Fri Dec 13 – Houses Of The Holy (1973) and Physical Graffiti (1975)
• Sat Dec 14 – Presence (1976) and In Through The Out Door (1979)
• Sun Dec 15 – The Song Remains The Same (1976), Coda (1982), BBC Sessions (1997), How The West Was Won (2003), Mothership (2007), and Celebration Day (2012)

Led Zeppelin were one of the last major artist hold-outs to Spotify, and to streaming services in general. Pink Floyd made their catalog available via Spotify in July after "Wish You Were Here" generated 1 million plays, while Metallica made headlines this time last year when the released their catalog via Spotify.

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