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We get the Led out at least once a week, so when we learned that the ornamental prints that glided across Anna Sui’s runway were inspired by our beloved Jimmy Page’s hoard of tapestries, we were extra enthused about this season’s offerings. Paige collected the pieces from Pre-Raphaelite deity Edward Burne-Jones, who’s collection was on display at The Tate’s Pre-Raph retrospective earlier this year. Sui went, saw, and just like that, her vision for spring was born.

Sui sent out a lovely array of her signature flowing dresses, capes, kimonos, in a mix-and-match assortment of fairy lace, floral chiffon, and copper wallpaper print. As we presume Sui would have hoped, everything looked as it had been snatched from the racks of Granny Takes a Trip by today’s modern hippie. Considering that the devil is always in the detail for the designer, the accessories made just as much of a statement, from the knee-high gladiator sandals to the flower crown toppers. The same could be said for the hair and makeup, which was commanded by fluffy fresh-out-of-braids hair and frosty blue eyeshadow. Another highlight was seeing a male model hit the catwalk every now and again, bedecked in a shaggy coat or botanical print blazer paired with skinny velour pants. Every forethought about how a man should dress kind of went out the window in the ’60s (in the best way), no? And while the clothes stand just fine on their own, seeing them at one of the designer’s elaborate productions was magical as always. Sui arranged for the runway backdrop to be painted in style of The Fool — a Swinging Sixties design collective that colored rock stars’ wardrobes and things, from George Harrison’s mini-car to The Beatles costumes on the 1967 television broadcast of “All You Need Is Love.” Additionally, one of our favorite tracks from The Beatles’ psychedelic chapter, “The Inner Light,” played as Sui’s favorite supermodel (and ours) Karen Elson opened the show in an elaborate gold headdress.

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