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According to Launch Radio Networks, Robert Plant says that, although there's no bad blood between him and Led Zeppelin co-founder Jimmy Page, the two have fallen out of touch. Plant spoke to Britain's Mojo magazine, who asked him if he and Page, who co-wrote most of the band's most popular material, are still in contact. Plant said, "No. I'd like to talk to him but I never do. Lives change. The unfortunate thing is that whenever John (Paul Jones), Jimmy and myself meet up, the points of reference are always about the past. If there wasn't any previous triumph then we probably wouldn't be in touch."

Launch asked Plant why he hasn't been gung-ho for a full-scale Led Zeppelin reunion. "It's not that I've been obstructive," he replied. "It's just that it meant what it meant when it meant it, and beyond that there was no story, and with John's (Bonham) passing and all that stuff, it was gone. There's no need for it."

Led Zeppelin's drummer John Bonham died on September 25, 1980. On December 4, 1980, the band announced that they had broken up.

Several weeks ago, a five-year-old report from The Sun Online claiming that a Zeppelin reunion was in the works reappeared on various news web sites (who were apparently unaware of the article's original publication date), refueling rumors of a possible tour.

Since disbanding, Plant, Page and Jones have reformed live three times as Led Zeppelin; On July 13, 1985 at Live Aid in Philadelphia with Tony Thompson and Phil Collins on drums; on May 18, 1988 at the Atlantic Records' 40th anniversary concert at New York's Madison Square Garden with John Bonham's son Jason Bonham on drums; and on January 12, 1995, when the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with Jason Bonham again filling in for his dad.

Plant and Page reformed as a duo in the mid-'90s and released two albums, the live album No Quarter: Jimmy Page And Robert Plant Unledded and 1998's studio set Walking Into Clarksdale. The two also toured and performed a Zeppelin-heavy setlist.

Robert Plant is currently recording his latest solo set in Nashville.


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