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Advertising Age has posted a new McCann-produced TV commercial promoting the tie-in between Led Zeppelin and Verizon.

Watch it at this location.

According to, the spot - highlighting Verizon's deal to bring their customers the band's recently re-released digital catalog - cleverly features scenes, symbols and characters from Led Zeppelin's history, including album covers, concert posters, equipment, symbols and people. The song Kashmir, from the album Physical Graffiti, plays as the commercial's main character travels down the street, headphones on, listening to the song. He walks past a tattoo shop with the classic Led Zeppelin symbols (from 72px-zoso) on display in the window, past a girl with the symbols tattooed on her back, past a Led Zeppelin poster on a contractor's building board and past a character with a bundle of sticks on his back - as featured on the front of the album cover for 72px-zoso. At the end of the commercial the main character walks into the building featured on the cover of Physical Graffiti.



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