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    Facebook  Twitter  Instagram founder Michael E. Dehn is honored to have received the Guinness World record for buying the most tickets to the concert that never happened for the supergroup Led Zeppelin and is pleased to offer deluxe authentic memorabila ticket sets to commemorate the last show the band would have played at the now demolished Chicago stadium in Nov of 1980 to honor the release of "Celebration Day."

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 12, 2012

With the knowledge that 20 million people vied for just 18 thousand seats for the Led Zeppelin reunion concert at the O2 arena in London in Dec of 2007, prompting the Guinness World Record book to issue the award for the biggest demand for a one time musical event in the history of live music, founder Michael E. Dehn is honored to accent that fact with the award he won for buying the most tickets to a concert that never happened, which also just happens to be for Led Zeppelin.

"In terms of supply and demand, it is obvious that the remaining inventory I possess is dwarfed by the global demand for this timeless band. We have liquidated a sizable portion of the original inventory of tickets without ever selling outside the US in the last quarter century, especially in 1994 when Page and Plant toured their 'No Quarter' release and the Chicago Stadium was demolished. Due to the onerous shipping costs associated with selling overseas, those international markets remained untouched for these tickets in regards to the massive demand we are seeing for all things Led Zeppelin worldwide and this is why these tickets 26 years after I acquired them are indeed the hottest tickets in the world," says founder Michael E. Dehn, in a statement.

"The fact that Led Zeppelin hails from England and retains a massive fan base in Europe and the Far East only amplifies that statement," continues Dehn, "When you have 20 million people from 49 different countries vying to travel around the world to see this band, it speaks volumes on the special place the band and the music holds in the hearts of fans everywhere."

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