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Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has hinted at the bonus material which will appear on the band's upcoming remaster series - but he's warned fans to be patient because some of the band haven't yet agreed to the re-releases.

Classic Rock revealed last month that Page was at work completing new versions of Led Zep's entire catalogue.

Now he's revealed a few more details. He tells Rolling Stone: "The catalogue was last remastered 20 years ago. That's a long time. Everything is being transferred to a higher-resolution digital format. That's one of the problems with the Zeppelin stuff - it sounds ridiculous on MP3. You can't hear what's there properly."

Referring to the band's recording sessions at Headley Grange he explains: "There was an overage of material - different versions of things, different approaches to the mixes. The classic was When the Levee Breaks, where the drums were set up in the hallway. You know what it sounded like: immense. But we used the drums in the hall for a number of things, like Kashmir, some with closer mics. There were a lot of different approaches. It will be fascinating for people to witness the work in progress."

Other extras are likely to include live recordings and film footage. But Page insists it's not a case of bundling any old extras into the remaster packages.

"I'm not just throwing on any old flotsam and jetsam," he says. "This will be really substantial stuff. All of it is good - it has its own character and validity."

He hopes the material will be released "bit by bit" starting next year, but adds: "You've got to get to the point where all the members of the group are in agreement. I would hope it's sooner rather than later."

From: Classic Rock Magazine

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