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Today sees the simultaneous release of two huge collections from perennial rock favourites Led Zeppelin. Greatest hits collection Mothership and concert film The Song Remains The Same will be available today in their standard CD and/or DVD formats. But for the purists that relish the sound of vinyl, or for the original fans that started their collections when turntables were still the newest in music technology, Warner Canada says there'll vinyl releases of these packages.

Both Mothership and The Song Remains The Same soundtrack will be released in collectible vinyl editions sometime in March 2008.

Mothership will be available on four-LP, high-end, audiophile quality vinyl and will be sold with collectible memorabilia for about $75 U.S. Which means, if the Canadian dollar continues to stay unusually high, we'll get to pay less. Score!

Specific details for the vinyl release of The Song Remains The Same have not been released, but it is expected to have a simultaneous release with Mothership, much like for the standard-format collections.

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