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Promuco 5B Drum Sticks

Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham’s original ’70s drumstick sold for over a thousand British Pounds earlier this month in an eBay auction. Only three people were involved in the one week auction, and the buyer who placed the first bid ended up winning the prize. The final amount, you ask? Drum-roll please: the drumstick sold for the equivalent of $1625.37 dollars.

It’s not often that a ‘used’ item is more desirable than a ‘new’ item but when it comes to something such as this, it’s the ‘used’ label that commands the high price tag. One close look at the picture reveals that this drumstick was definitely used. The fact that it’s said to be used by the late, legendary John Bonham during a Led Zeppelin concert gives it mammoth value.

The seller claims that this drumstick was purchased from a collector and was originally made for Bonham by a custom drum builder named Eddie Ryan. He commissioned the company, named Promuco, to manufacture these sticks for Bonham.

Bonham’s name is embossed in scripted silver print across the stick (but the silver is beginning to fade) and the ‘Promuco’ stamp is still legible. Apparently, Ryan made custom drumsticks for Simon Kirke from Free and Bad Company as well.

The seller insisted that this drumstick would make an “ideal present for a fan of the late Bonzo.” Clearly that depends on how zealous you are to bang on your drum with a very expensive drumstick.

From: Ultimate Classic Rock


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