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While Senegal musician Youssou N'Dour and Finnish composerKaija Saariaho received the 2013 Polar Music Prize on August 27, 2006 Polar Music Prize Laureate John Paul Jones attended Polar Music Talks the day before, which "bridges between culture, medicine, technology, business, creativity and music of all types."

Jones, always a man of few words, had some interesting comments in the talk (VIDEO BELOW).

"When I was young I wanted to play every instrument. When I realised that I couldn't, that's when I started thinking about composition"

"I always hear what's wrong with a piece of my music before I hear what's right"

"Music is everywhere in shops. I'm arranging things all the time. I've usually worked something out by the time I've left the shop."

"I'm writing an opera, I've just got to the end of the first act. It's like "Aah". That's the holy grail, the rest is going to be easy."

"How do I relax? I play instruments that I'm not usually associated with. Then I see my grandchildren."

Jones also attended the prize ceremony, which was held at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

For more information on the Polar Music Prize, go to

John Paul Jones attends Polar Music Prize 2013 John Paul Jones attends Polar Music Prize 2013 John Paul Jones attends Polar Music Prize 2013

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