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Latter Days: Best of Led Zeppelin Volume Two
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Released as the sequel to last year's Best Of, this record documents Led Zep just as they'd reached their peak. The world lay conquered before them, they were selling out Madison Square Garden and making movies. Bonham, Page, Plant and Jones were the kings of the universe, the best rock band on the planet, no contest.

But from 1973's Houses Of The Holy onwards their kingdom began to crumble amid a horrible mess of witchcraft, heroin, family tragedies and coke-fuelled egotism. This record documents their work over that time, but far from sounding wasted and overwrought, it contains some of their finest moments.

Arguably Led Zep's most enduring tune, Kashmir is the sound of a million elephants marching on Trafalgar Square, a song that's still not been topped in terms of majesty. Not even Puff Daddy's platinum production skills on his 1998 version (Come With Me) could outweigh the power of the original. The Song Remains The Same is almost the best song The Who never wrote, while No Quarter's sleazy atmospherics set a blueprint for bluesy sleaze rock outfits the world over.


Mar. 21, 2000 (US)
Mar. 21, 2000 (UK)

Chart Position:
#81 (US) #? (UK)

Gold: 1-11-2000
Platinum: 9-26-2001


1. The Song Remains The Same
2. No Quarter
3. Houses Of The Holy
4. Trampled Underfoot
5. Kashmir
6. Ten Years Gone
7. Achilles Last Stand
8. Nobody's Fault But Mine
9. All My Love
10. In The Evening
Quick Fact

This is an enhanced CD that contains a video from Earls Court 1975 of the band with audio from the studio recording of Kashmir.


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