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Alfie Boe talks about collaborating with Robert Plant
What song speaks to you the most on the album?

One of my favorites has to be Song to the Siren, which is the duet I did with Robert Plant. The biggest reason why it's one of my favorites is partly because it's a great song, but the fact I got to record it with Robert was something else and quite a moment for me to achieve in my career. He's a great fella. We keep in touch now. He's amazing. The song itself has a really haunted melody. The words are incredible. It's a wonderful story. While I'd been on the road in America, I happened to meet Larry Becket who co-wrote the song with Tim Buckley. He came to my show in Portland, and it was such an honor to meet him and discuss that song. We talked about how it materialized, how he got the idea, and how Tim put the music to it.

Were you and Robert in the studio at the same time?

We were! We booked the studio in London, and it was really cool actually. I thought it was going to be pretty rock 'n' roll. We had coffee and apple pie, and that was it though [Laughs].

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