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B.Z.: Celebrations are being held in L.A., London, Tokyo and Berlin - why here?
John Paul Jones: This City is a real World Metropolis - more so than any other on the european continent. Berlin is open for everything, different languages, cultures, religions and arts.

What kind of sensation do you get seeing your reunion gig at the theatre?
JPJ: Luckily it's a good feeling ! (laughs) In the end we didn't know beforehand if we were able to pull off the songs in a good way after all these years.

Your secret of success?
JPJ: It's the Groove! That's what made sure that at our gigs there weren't only hanging out ugly boys, but lots and lots of beautiful, dancing women. What a great view - that's all a musician can dream of.

With a private Jet, destroyed hotel rooms, groupies galore and stadium shows you were role models for Guns & Roses, Mötley Crüe and many other bands.
JPJ: No question - we worked hard for getting that private jet - in the beginning we toured the states with a rickety car, then with a greyhound bus and afterwards with airliners.

The band myth - isn't it more like a monster to you, could you ever really walk out of it's shadow as solo artists?
JPJ: Not really. In the end Led Zeppelin enables me a secure life. This band earns more money to this day than i could ever be able to spend.

Were a lot of sex and drugs involved?
JPJ: Not as much as people say, at large. We all were married happily, why should we hold huge orgies? Of course you'd get involved with groupies when you were lonesome or felt homesick, but it wasnt a routine.

The song Royal Orleans on 1976's Presence lyrically deals with you inviting a Transvestite into your room.
JPJ: No, that wasn't me.

The 2nd part of the lyric describes how you fell asleep with a joint and started a nice fire.
JPJ: (laughs) That's more possible! Concerning the Transvestite: i knew him well. The mix-up did really happen, but to another band member.

In 2007, 20 million wanted to see you guys. Why didn't you keep on?
JPJ: We couldn't find a good agreement. Robert didn't want to do this.

So were you peeved at him ?
JPJ: No, one's gotta accept that. Even if i would have liked to continue.

B.Z. 2012/10/16

Photo by Fabrice

Photo by Fabrice

Photo by wk_bohmann

Photo by Fabrice

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