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"Celebration Day - The film of the Led Zep concert at the O2 – Great the event was filmed, but a bit solid in dynamics, visual and sonic, and a shortage of cameras meant there wasn't enough detail for me. Not nearly enough of Jason Bonham in particular...I don't think I ever saw a single drum fill completed on screen, which is a shame for the rhythmic anoraks in the audience.

I now know I'm aging, as not only did it feel unrelentingly loud, but not loud enough to stop the guys behind me singing along (badly) talking (loudly) and slapping their legs (out of time) I wanted to turn around and say shhhh...But with 2,000 watts pumping out from the sound system it occurred to me they wouldn’t be able to hear me.... But if it was you row F block '9 thank you for eventually desisting when I gave my full angry head half turn."

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