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Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page played an updated version of the band's classic song Whole Lotta Love alongside Leona Lewis, winner of the UK reality television show "The X Factor", at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympics Games earlier today (Sunday, August 24) in Beijing. Watch footage of the performance below.

To mark the fact that London will host the 2012 Olympics, an iconic Routemaster bus circled the stadium.

Lewis, Page and soccer star David Beckham made their entrance on the vehicle.

According to Telegraph, some of the lyrics to Whole Lotta Love had to be omitted or re-written amid concerns that they could cause offense.

The song was chosen as the centrepiece of an eight-minute $5 million British segment at the event in Beijing at which the Olympic flag will be officially passed to the London Mayor Boris Johnson.

According to London 2012 officials, Lewis - who grew up in east London close to the Olympic site - requested a change to the song's second verse because she was worried they would not make sense for a female singer.

In the original, recorded in 1969, frontman Robert Plant sings, "I'm gonna give you every inch of my love".

But in the version that was sung today, Lewis changed the words to "every bit" of my love.

Jimmy Page Performs At Olympics
Jimmy Page Performs At Olympics
Jimmy Page Performs At Olympics

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