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Since I've Been Loving You

I've been workin' from seven to eleven ev'ry night
It really makes life a drag
I don't think that's right, no
I've really been the best of fools, la-ee-ah
I did what I could, yeah
How I love you, baby
How I love you
Mama love you
Yes, I love you, little girl, ahhhh
But baby, since I've been loving you now
I'm about to lose my worried mind, ohhh yeah

Ev'ry-eh-eh-everybody trying to tell me
You didn't mean me no good
I said I've tried, I said I've tried, I said I've tried
To do the best, the very best I could
And I've been workin', I've been workn'
I don't think you realize, ohh-ooh-ohh, ohh-ooh-ohh
I've been workin' every day
Take my pain away now
Baby baby, since I've been loving you
I'm about to lose my worried mind, that's right

(Guitar Solo)

Oh baby, I've been crying
Baby come on home
Baby, hey hey hey, yeah
Don't you hear
Don't you hear them calling
Don't you hear
Don't you hear them calling

Do you remember, baby, oh baby, you knocked upon my door
I said you had the nerve, you had the nerve, you had the nerve to tell me
You didn't want me, you didn't want me no more, ooh yeah
Out my front door, I hear my back door slam
Baby baby, I must have one of them new fangled back door mans, ohh-ooh-ohh, ohh-ooh-ohh, yeah baby

Baby, since I've been loving you
I'm about to lose, ma, my worried mind, well
One more time now

Oh yeah-ee-yeah, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby
I'm about to lose my mind, mind, mind, oh


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This Month in
Led Zeppelin History

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November 21, 1968 - Robert becomes a father to a baby girl named Carmen Jane.
November 09, 1968 - Robert marries Maureen in London. Their reception is a performance at the Roundhouse in London
November xx, 1969 - Tempers flare over Atlantic in the UK wanting to release singles
November xx, 1969 - Recording for Led Zeppelin III begins at Olympic Studios in London
November xx, 1970 - Plans are in motion for a Yardbirds reunion
November 08, 1971 - Finally after much anticipation, Untitled is released
November xx, 1972 - Houses Of The Holy is mixed and completed
November 10, 1972 - Led Zeppelin sell out 120,000 tickets in one day
November xx, 1973 - Initial recordings for Physical Graffiti commences at Headley Grange
November 04, 1973 - Led Zeppelin finalize the purchase of Headley Grange to be their new corporate headquarters
November xx, 1974 - The band makes plans and rehearses for the tenth North American tour
November xx, 1975 - Led Zeppelin records Presence in a mere 18 days
November xx, 1976 - Led Zeppelin book into Ezyhire Studios to rehearse new material for an upcoming tour
November 04, 1976 - The Song Remains The Same movie premieres in Europe
November xx, 1977 - Jimmy dispells rumors of Led Zeppelin’s break up
November 06, 1978 - Led Zeppelin purchase and ship new gear to Polar Studios to begin work on a new album
November 10, 1979 - Led Zeppelin and their entire entourage attend an ABBA concert
November 07, 1980 - The band meets with Peter Grant to announce the retirement of Led Zeppelin
November 29, 1999 - The RIAA announced that Led Zeppelin were only the third act in music history to achieve four or more Diamond albums, a Diamond album being awarded for accredited sales of more than 10 million units in the US.
November 01, 2007 - An announcement was made that Jimmy Page had fractured his finger on his left hand after a fall in his garden and the reunion show would be postponed to December 10, 2007.
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