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Yamaha KX88 Synth
General Specs
Keys: 88 keys (Initial and Common after touch sensitive)
Controls: Wheel x 2 Control Slider x 4 Pushswitch TS1,2 Pushswitch MS1 ~ 5 Bankswitch A,B Program Select Switch Bank A 1~16 Bank B 1~16
Inputs: Breath controller Input Foot Controller Input 1,2 Foot switch Input 1,2 Midi Out Midi IN
Display: Program Number 7 seg. LED X 2 Pushswitch On/Off LED X 2 Keyassign Mode LED X 5 Program Bank LED X 2
Dimensions: 56-7/10"W x 5-2/10"H x 13-7/10D"
Weight: 62.8 lbs
John Paul Jones used the Yamaha KX88 Synth at his in-home studio for the piano parts on Zooma.

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