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Yamaha GX1 Synth
John Paul Jones, ca. August 1979, Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, England
General Specs
Keys: 2 x 61-note velocity sensitive keyboards, 3/4 scale pressure sensitive 37-note keyboard, 25-note pedalboard
Voices: 12 Sounds (Bass Drum, Bongo, Clave, Cowbell, Cymbal I, Cymbal II, Hi-Hat, High Conga, Low Conga, MA [not operative], Rimshot, Snare Drum), 14 Rhythms (March I, March II, Waltz, Swing, Slow Rock, Jazz Rock I, Jazz Rock II, Tango, Beguine, Rhumba, Mambo, Bossanova, Samba I, Samba II)
Controls: Organ-style drawbars, ribbon controller for tweaking the tones, additional programming buttons are hidden away under drawers and panels on the front panel, Two swell pedals, spring-loaded knee controller for sustain.
Weight: The GX-1 console weighs 300 kg. The pedalboard and stand add 87 kg, and each of its tube-powered speakers, four of which can be connected to the GX-1, weighs 141 kg (Which together equals a total of 951 kg, or 2096 lb).
Original List Price: $60,000
Years Used: 1979
For the 1979 Tour Dates, John Paul Jones used a Yamaha GX1 Synth. This was a descendant of the original Helpinstill idea to use a magnetic pickup to amplify an acoustic piano. Yamaha developed this idea much further with the CP70 and it's larger mate, the CP80. The Yamaha was indeed portable, as it could be taken in two pieces! One piece would house the mechanical keys and hammers, and the other could be lifted off to contain just the strings and harp frame. This made for a true piano that was somewhat simple to transport, although it still required constant tuning. The piano used a sophisticated pickup and preamp to enable a truer piano tone, although it was still less "true" than an acoustic grand with microphones. As the Yamaha was being used next to the large white Yamaha GX-1, there was a special casing built to make the Yamaha look like a white, full-sized concert grand.


Yamaha GX1 Synth
John Paul Jones & Jimmy Page, ca. July 1979, Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark
Yamaha GX1 Synth
Led Zeppelin, Kashmir, August 11, 1979, Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, England
Yamaha GX1 Synth
Led Zeppelin, Kashmir, August 11, 1979, Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, England
Yamaha GX1 Synth

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