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WEM Cabinets
Led Zeppelin, September 05, 1970, International Center Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
General Specs
Speakers: (2) 15" Full range
Dimensions: 23"W x 35"H x 12"D
Years in use: ca. August-September 1970
For the August/September tour of the US in 1970, Page used his previous setup of his two Hiwatts running into four Marshall cabinets. However, for that tour he also added two WEM cabinets, which he placed the two Hiwatt heads on top of, and ran alongside his Marshall 4x12s: It's entirely possible that Page acquired the WEM cabinets by way of the PA system used for the European tour the month before. Notice the WEM PA setup in the pic below from Essen, July 1970. Since the two cabinets are the exact same dimensions, again it's not known which one Page used. However, I have yet to see a photo from the era where the placard that was present on the Dual 12 is visible. So, it's probably a good guess that Page used the Twin 15.

any case, this setup was unique for the simple reason that for the 1970 Aug/Sep US tour, Page was running 6 separate cabinets from only two heads, as opposed to the 2 heads/4 cabinets setup he ran before. Anyone who is familiar with how guitar amps work would know that the more speakers one runs off of one amp, the less power each individual speaker gets. Which perhaps makes for little surprise that Page's sound on that 1970 US tour was considerably "cleaner" in tone. Because not only was each amp powering two 4x12 cabinets, but each were likely also powering their own 2x15 cabinet. My guess is that the two WEM cabinets were specifically used for the theremin, but that isn't clear. In any case, given that Page only had the two Hiwatts onstage, it's likely that he was splitting at least one of them to the WEM cabs for the theremin. Although he may as well have been splitting each Hiwatt to their own set of 4x12s and WEM cab, with one of the heads receiving a separate signal from the theremin in addition to his guitar signal.

Jimmy Page used two of these cabinets with Hiwatt Custom 100 Amplifier 'Jimmy Page' Amplifiers to power the Sonic Wave Theremin.

Portions authored by blackmikito


WEM Cabinets
Stage setup, August 15, 1970, Yale Bowl, New Haven, Connecticut
WEM Cabinets
Led Zeppelin, Thank You, September 04, 1970, The Forum, Inglewood, California

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