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VOX T.60
General Specs
Features: Rear Panel: (2) 1/4" Input Jacks, Volume, Bass, Treble, Mains Off / On, Mains LED, Fuse, Voltage Selector (115, 160, 205, 225, 245)
Output: 30-40 Watts RMS, 80 Watts Peak
Speakers: (1) Vox Alnico Celestion 12" speaker, (1) HD Vox Alnico Celestion 15" speaker
Construction: Baltic birch plywood (3/4" sides & bottom, 1" baffle & back
Years in use: ca. 1962 - 1963
John Paul Jones used the VOX EMI T.60 Amplifier and Cabinet in ca. 1962 - 1963 when he played bass guitar for The Shadows .

The power amp design for the T.60 amp head was prone to go into high frequency oscillation. In simple terms, the amplifier continuously generated an extremely high pitched squeal at full power that was above the range of human hearing. This drove the power amp section past the safe design limits for the output transistors, causing meltdown. A successful solution to this output transistor failure problem was never implemented.


VOX T.60

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