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VOX AC-30/6 Combo Amplifier
General Specs
Watts: 30
Features: Top Panel: (6) Input Jacks (Vib-Trem, Normal Brilliant), Vib-Trem Speed, Vib-Trem On/Off, Vib-Trem VOlume, Normal Volume, Brilliant Volume, Tone, On/Off Switch, Fuse, Voltage Selector - Rear Panel: (4) Output Jacks
Speakers: (2) 8" Celection G12
Dimensions: 27-1/4"W x 20-1/2"H x 10-1/2"D, 70 lbs.
Tubes: Power: 4 x 6BQ5, Pre-amp: 4 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AU7, Rectifier: 1 x GZ34
Years in use: ca. 1967-1998
Jimmy Page used the VOX AC30/6 Combo Amplifier in the studio with the Yardbirds.

From a July 1977 Steve Rosen Interview
(I used VOX) AC-30 (amps). They've held up consistently well. .....You could get these one's with special treble boosters on the back which is what I had.

Page has also said that he has used the AC30 amps during Led Zeppelin, although it is unknown when. In a July 1986 Guitar World interview, engineer Eddie Kramer said that he believed that Page used a VOX AC30 amp for the Houses Of The Holy sessions at Stargroves in May 1972.

He also brought out (2) AC30/6 Combo Amplifiers for both the 1995 and 1998 Page/Plant tours and in the studio for the tremolo section of When The World Was Young from Walking Into Clarksdale.


VOX AC30/6 Combo Amplifier
Jimmy Page, ca. 1995
VOX AC30/6 Combo Amplifier
Jimmy Page, Most High, August 23, 1998, Bizarre Festival, Köln, Germany
VOX AC30/6 Combo Amplifier
Walking offstage, December 3, 1998, Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany

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