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Rotosound Tonebender MKIII
General Specs
Features: Top Panel: Volume, Treble, Fuzz, Footswitch Toggle - Back Panel: Instrument Jack, Amplifier Jack
Years in use: ca. June 1969
The Rotosound Tonebender MK III differs from the Sola Sound Tonebender MK II because of its 3-transistor (2-BFY71 and 1-NKT214) design. The result is a more mellow fuzz tone.

The Rotosound Tonebender MK III was seen at Tous En Scene on June 19, 1969 and heard on BBC radio appearances (June 16, 1969, June 24, 1969 and June 27, 1969).


Rotosound Tonebender MKIII
Led Zeppelin, June 19, 1969, L'Antenne Culturelle du Kremlin Bicêtre, Paris, France
Rotosound Tonebender MKIII
Led Zeppelin, June 21, 1969, Colston Hall, Bristol, England

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