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Roland PK-5A Dynamic MIDI Pedal
General Specs
Pedals: 13
Mode Selectors: Mono, Poly, Drums, Sound Effects, Controller
Function Selectors: Octave/Select & Factory Set, Prg Change & User Set, Midi Channel, Pedals
Rear Panel: MIDI In, MIDI Out, MIDI Thru, DC In Socket, Power Switch
Connectors: MIDI(In, Out), DC In
Years Used: 2007
The Roland PK-5 Dynamic MIDI Pedal bass note pedalboard lets you play a variety of sounds from any external MIDI device, leaving your hands free to play your favorite musical instrument. The Roland PK-5 puts the excitement and versatility to live bass performance with full MIDI control within reach of any musician. Easy one-foot operation gives you complete command over four separate Performance modes, letting you play bass lines as well as harmonies, drums and percussion sounds, or even sound effects. And the PK-5’s impressive MIDI Controller Mode enable you to control virtually any MIDI function in live performance. Add exciting new dimensions to your instrumental performances with the versatile Roland PK-5 Dynamic MIDI Pedal.

John Paul Jones used the Roland PK-5A at the Led Zeppelin reunion concert on December 10, 2007, O2 Arena, London, England for Trampled Underfoot, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Stairway To Heaven and Kashmir.


Roland PK-5A Dynamic MIDI Pedal
John Paul Jones, No Quarter, December 10, 2007, O2 Arena, London, England
Roland PK-5A Dynamic MIDI Pedal

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