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Mitchell Fox

Swan Song Records General Manager

Fox was born in 1955. He was at The New York Times for seven years, culminating with the title Group Manager, Retail Advertising.

Mitchell Fox Management (MFM) is a full-service, artist management company headquartered in Nashville with connections in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and London. I founded the company in 1980 after a 5-year roller coaster ride with Led Zeppelin and Peter Grant at Swan Song Records. We've worked with a diverse roster of artists including the Kentucky HeadHunters, The Mighty Jeremiahs, Rufus Huff, Danny Gatton, Marty Brown, Tom Chess, Ross Vick with TrueHeart and James Lewis of the Trans Siberian Orchestra. We have recently started offering consulting services to a variety of artists and companies...including film director John Lloyd Miller and The AV Squad.


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