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Hats Off To (Roy) Harper

When I done quit hollerin' baby
I believe I'll shake 'em on down
Get my babe, won't be late,
You know by that I mean a-seconds late
Ahhh, must I holler
Must I shake 'em on down
When I'm done quit hollerin' babe
I believe I'll shake 'em on down
Shake 'em, ahhh

Well I ain't no monkey
I can't climb no tree
No brown-skinned woman gonna make
No monkey out of me
Yeah, and I ain't no monkey
Sure can't climb no tree
Well, I've been mistreated babe
I believe I'll shake 'em on down
Well, I've been mistreated babe
I believe I'll shake 'em on down

Ah-hah-hah, hah-hah-hah-hah, hi-hi-hah-hah
Hi-hi-hah-hah, hi-hi-hah-haaah

Listen mama
Put on your mornin' gown'
Put on your nightshirt
Mama we gonna shake 'em down
Yeah, must I holler
Must I, must I, must I shake 'em on down
Ooh, well I done been mistreated babe
I believe I'll shake 'em on down, down down, yeah

Gave my baby a twenty dollar bill
If that don't finish her
I'm sure my shot-shot-shotgun will
Yeah, I gave my baby a twenty dollar bill
Well, if that don't get that woman out, I'm sure my shotgun will
Yeah, I'll go shoot her, now


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This Month in
Led Zeppelin History

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September 07, 1968 - The band fulfills some old Yardbirds dates in Scandanavia
September xx, 1969 - Jimmy Page is reported saying the second album will be harder than the first
September 19, 1970 - Led Zeppelin gross over $100,000 for two performances at Madison Square Gardens on the same day
September xx, 1971 - Jimmy Page is furious over a live Yardbirds release. It was forced off the shelves
September xx, 1971 - The band vacations in Hawaii
September xx, 1972 - Discussions to play various countries ends with a decision to play Japan again
September xx, 1973 - Jimmy Page considers a live release of material before releasing a new album
September 14, 1974 - Led Zeppelin and CSN&Y jam at an after party
September xx, 1975 - Jimmy meets up with Robert in Malibu, where he is staying on a tax exile
September 12, 1976 - Page and Bonham return to Switzerland and record a drum piece title Bonzo’s Montreux
September 08, 1977 - Page takes to the stage with other well knowns at a WEA records sales conference
September 15, 1978 - Zep road manager Richard Cole and Bad Company’s Simon Kirke get married in a double ceremony
September 17, 1979 - Promoter Fred Bannister forced into liquidation over Knebworth Sales with Led Zeppelin
September 18, 1980 - Jimmy reviews a new stage set up and technical details for the Eighties Part One tour at Swan Song offices
September 25, 1980 - John Bonham is found dead in Jimmy Page’s Windsor mansion by sound technician Benji Le Fevre
September 12, 2007 - It was announced at a press conference by Harvey Goldsmith that the remaining members of Led Zeppelin would reunite with Jason Bonham on drums.
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