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John Paul Jones' Acoustic Stack Sold At Auction
An iconic piece of rock gear, the Acoustic amplifier used by Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones from 1969-1976, was bought by Acoustic Amplification in a Christie's auction that took place July 10, 2008, in London. The bass stack, purchased for a winning bid of $27,115.00, consists of an Acoustic 360 bass amplifier, Serial Number L1409 with ZEPPELIN stenciled in white on the top, and an Acoustic 361PP bass cabinet, Serial Number M1032.

The amp and cabinet were prominently used by Jones on stage with Led Zeppelin as early as the Bath Festival on June 28, 1969, continuing until 1976. Notably, the stack can be seen in the legendary Led Zeppelin 1976 concert movie The Song Remains The Same, chronicling the band's 1973 Houses of the Holy tour.

Led Zeppelin and Acoustic amplifiers are each celebrating landmark years, as both were founded 40 years ago in 1968, and each are enjoying a strong resurgence -- Led Zeppelin with their celebrated London concert last fall and Acoustic with its recently introduced and highly successful new line of bass and Acoustic guitar amplification systems.

Acoustic Amplification's Michael Doyle stated, "John Paul Jones' use of this Acoustic bass stack represented a pivotal moment in the history of the company. Led Zeppelin was probably the greatest band in the world at the time, and Acoustic amps were right there with them, night after night. The fact that we were able to purchase this classic piece of rock history as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Acoustic amplifier makes this momentous occasion even more special. We are proud that Acoustic amplifiers are revered by musicians worldwide and look forward to continuing that tradition."

The lot notes on Christie's Of London's website states that "The vendor's Father played in a band named the Jaguars in the 1970s and one of his fellow band members obtained this amp and cabinet directly from John Paul Jones in 1977. He was working at a guitar shop on Charing Cross Road, London at the time and was contacted by John Paul Jones' assistant who told him that Jones wished to dispose of three such set ups as he was upgrading his stage equipment. He purchased all three sets and, as they were at that time wired for 120 Volts for use on stage in the U.S., he changed them over to U.K. voltage and gave one of them to the vendor's Father."From: BIZ.YAHOO.COM

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