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Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant turned his back on music following the tragic death of his son in 1977. The rocker was distraught when six-year-old Karac died of a respiratory infection, and subsequently lost the desire to tour or record with the seminal band. And although he eventually rediscovered his passion for making music, Plant admits he suffers dips in motivation whenever expectations are high for him to produce great tunes. He says, "When I lost my son I switched off from the whole deal. Also, the pressure to be great weighing down upon you can stifle the soul." And Plant has also come to realize over time that it's easier to wow a small audience than inspire tens of thousands of concert-goers. He adds, "Greatness isn't measured in large stadiums - you can be great in the tiniest room on the planet in front of three people. It's harder to invoke greatness at a large event."


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