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Robert Plant is about to release his first official solo DVD! It's a Strange Sensation concert recorded last autumn in Chicago for Soundstage, a concert series for PBS television, which airs in the US on June 29 and at the end of the 1 hour presentation there is a toll free number to buy a DVD of the show, including songs not aired on the TV special, for $19.99. People who have already have seen a preview of the show state that it's the best Robert Plant performance for television in quite some time and erases memories of an erratic show he did for PBS's "Austin City Limits" during the Dreamland tour. This concert starts out tentatively with the acoustic No Quarter and starts to find its feet with Shine It All Around, the second song of night. It's after Black Dog though, that Robert's voice starts to warm up on a spritely Freedom Fries. A fantastic Four Sticks follows next and the band continues to add oil to the flames on Tin Pan Valley and The Enchanter. A torrid Whole Lotta Love closes the show, which seems to have been recorded in a TV studio. While the show isn't on par with the best of Strange Sensation shows, it's very pleasing nonetheless and Robert's voice is powerful throughout even if he doesn't reach for the high notes he has been known to hit during some of the Strange Sensation shows. I can't wait to see the DVD release for the bonus tracks. For more details on the show, see: The setlist from the concert, which hints at what may be included on the DVD, can be found here:

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