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Someone woke up the sleeping Led Zeppelin giant. On September 7, at 4:12 PM, there was a status update on the Official Led Zeppelin Facebook page, simply saying, "Hello.", 45 minutes later, the first tweet from the official Twitter account was posted, saying the same.

On the next day, Saturday, September 8, instead of another word, an image was posted online.

And then on Sunday, September 9, this was posted.

And again, this morning, Monday, August 10...

The three images sure make you think that this is some sort of a countdown. As a sidenote, you may notice that the font in each image is identical to it's corresponding Led Zeppelin studio album, ie: FIVE for Houses Of The Holy, FOUR for , and III for Led Zeppelin III.

In addition, later in the day today (Sept. 10), a video was posted to the Official Led Zeppelin Youtube channel.

I think that it's a safe assumption that we shall see a II image and a I image here in the next few days, but what does it all mean? I can think of 3 possibilities. 1. A reunion tour. Robert Plant is booked up through the end of November 2012. Jason Bonham's Australian dates got cancelled, er rescheduled. John Paul Jones' live appearances seem to be limited to one-offs and Jimmy Page.... let's just say he is free. The is an old rumor. It's been going on for, oh say, five years. There was even talk of a Led Zeppelin/Foo Fighters supergroup.

2. New studio material. Despite Robert Plant leaving post-O2 to form the Band Of Joy, new material was worked on by Page, Jones and Bonham Jr. and they even auditioned singers, such as Myles Kennedy and Steven Tyler. Maybe that will come to light here. For a laugh, take a listen new album single. from led zeppelin 2012 *cough*fake*cough*, entitled ??????3.

3. 2007's O2 Led Zeppelin Reunion concert officially released on DVD/Blu-Ray. We all know that it was filmed. Robert Plant was said to have taken a viewing of it and had it shelved. One rumor said that the O2 footage was being worked on up until May 2011, then stopped for an unknown reason and now it just got picked up and resumed being worked on. In July, Peter Mensch, Jimmy Page's manager tweeted, "today, [Alan] Moulder continues with his stellar mixing of the O2 show. it's been 5 years coming and it's almost here." This past Saturday, September 8, he tweeted, "it's almost here. I've seen it and heard it. almost 5 years to the day." Pretty strong words.

No matter what we will see this week and in the coming months, it shall prove to be interesting.

What do you think?

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