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November Release?
A radio station blog out of Belgium, Classic 21, is reporting this morning that Led Zeppelin will release a DVD and CD of their December 2007 performance at the O2 arena in London. Here is a translation of the main body of the post:
The famous Led Zeppelin concert in London at the O2 Arena in 2007 double DVD released in November.

According to Warner Music, a double DVD, accompanied by two CDs, the resume legendary concert which took place in 2007 at the 02 Arena, where 9 million people had tried to buy 18,000 tickets available.

No complete set had been given since 1979. Among the crowd, there were Paul McCartney, Noel and Liam Gallagher, David Gilmour, Arctic Monkeys, Kate Moss and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.
Note that Classic 21 is saying it will be a double DVD/Blu-Ray and a CD release as well - presumably a vinyl issue will be in the mix as well.

A representative from Robert Plant's management office couldn't confirm the release and queries to Warner Brothers, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones representatives have so far been unanswered.

As of now, this is strictly a rumour.

Classic 21 is one of Belgium's largest radio stations, formerly part of the Belgium public radio network RTBF (Belgian Radio and Television of the French Community). It is the largest chain of radio traffic in French speaking Belgium and is listened to widely in the north of France.

I will update this story as more information emerges.

Update: a change has been made removing writing credit for the Classic 21 post as it may have been inaccurate. The original post is, in fact, unsigned.

From: Ramble On Radio

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