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Gibson caught up with The Darkness guitarist Dan Hawkins to discuss their comeback album but we also learn about how Dan got his hands on Jimmy Page's guitar.

Gibson: And you have a Gibson Custom Shop "Black Beauty" Les Paul especially made for Jimmy Page – but he returned it because it was too heavy for him? And you got it?

Dan Hawkins: Yep. I call that my "Love is More Than a Feeling" guitar. It wasn't on that first album track, but it's on both other albums since and live for the song. I had the Bigsby taken off, and a hardtail put on. I had a Fishman Powerbridge pickup put on so I could switch to an acoustic sound.

It's had an interesting life already, that Les Paul. I was waiting for delivery of a different humbucker to fit on it, but my then-guitar tech said he had a 'bucker that he'd taken out of one of Angus Young's SGs. He fitted Angus's old pickup, it sounded awesome, so I left it in. It's become my Page-enstein Les Paul.

From: AntiMusic

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