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Led Zeppelin III Cover Artist Zacron Died

Led Zeppelin III Cover Artist Zacron Died

Noted artist Zacron, whose vast collection of creative work includes the iconic gatefold sleeve for Led Zeppelin's 1970 album Led Zeppelin III, has died.

Though known in art circles as Zacron, his real name was Richard Drew. According to Classic Rock Magazine, he passed away at age 69 after a battle with bowel cancer last January, but his death is just now being reported.

The artist attended Kingston College Of Art in the late 1950s and his classmates included Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. In 1969, Zacron was commissioned to do the art for the third Zeppelin album, based on an idea from Page. The sleeve became legendary due to its die-cut cover, which combined with a rotating circular-shaped panel underneath to allow viewers to reveal different images.

For more information on Zacron and his art, be sure to check out his website.

From: Ultimate Classic Rock


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