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After eight seasons and 177 episodes, "House" ends with an outbreak of poignant goodbyes. In the emotional run-up to the series finale - the episode, titled "Everybody Dies," aired last night - each shooting day brought cheers, standing Os and misty-eyed send-offs.

Ever the English gent behind the scenes, Laurie leaves the series like a rock star and, in fact, is spending his summer playing piano on tour with Copper Bottom, the actor's acclaimed blues and jazz band (he has no definite plans beyond that). TV Guide Magazine reported Laurie's final-season salary as $700,000 per episode, and he's been generously dispensing thank-you gifts, including replica House canes for everyone on the cast and crew. On the last day of filming, Laurie chartered a private jet - "like the one Led Zeppelin used," he laughs - and flew the production to an undisclosed location 26 minutes outside L.A. for the final shoot. "The flight attendant gave me control of the microphone so I could bid everyone farewell," Laurie says. "Then, frankly, there was more man-hugging than you want to know about."

From: Fox News

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