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How much would you pay to see an SEC coaches talent show? We're betting Steve Spurrier can do a killer stand-up comedy set. With shirts like these, you know Gene Chizik has already perfected his Vegas lounge singer act in his spare time. Would you be surprised if you found out James Franklin can break six one-inch boards with a single karate chop?

But even if all that's more guesswork than fact, as of Monday we know what act Mississippi State's Dan Mullen would perform: rock pianist. Making his first stop on the meet-and-greet "Our State Tour" in Hattiesburg, Mullen flashed a talent even State media relations director Joe Galbraith didn't know he had:

Dan Mullen can play Led Zeppelin on the piano

The Hattiesburg American and photographer Bryant Hawkins even provided photographic evidence of Mullen tinkling the proverbial ivories:

Dan Mullen can play Led Zeppelin on the piano

From: CBS Sports

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