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With unusual precedence, Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion hit the number one spot in a Top 100 Classic Rock Song Poll on What is so unusual about that is that Aerosmith topped the usual top bands, such as Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones and that Led Zeppelin's entry was not Stairway To Heaven or Whole Lotta Love, but Kashmir.

Don't get me wrong, Kashmir is an epic song. It was performed over 200 times by Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page solo and Page & Plant in 4 different incarnations.

Robert Plant said that Kashmir was the one of his favorite songs because it had all the latent energy and power that was not heavy metal. Also, in a January 2008 television interview, he also said that Kashmir was his first choice of all Led Zeppelin songs to sing.

Jimmy Page said that he thought that Kashmir was one of the best compositions.

John Paul Jones suggested that it contains all of the elements that composed the sound of Led Zeppelin.

In 2004, Kashmir was ranked 140th in a list of Rolling Stones' 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time & in 2009, it was ranked 21st Greatest Hard Rock Song Of All Time by VH1.

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