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Led Zeppelin could get together again for more projects after next week's long-awaited reunion gig, members of the iconic British rock band hinted in newly-published comments.

Guitarist Jimmy Page recounted his excitement when they first played together in preparation for their reunion next Monday, and warned that the group should not wait too long or they will "need Zimmer frames."

"I would like to keep this moving," he told Q music magazine's January edition, when asked if he would like to record some new material after the "one-off" concert at London's O2 Arena.

"I must say that after our initial get-together it was so exhilarating and fun that I did feel I would like to do more," he added.

Bassist John Paul Jones added: "I guess the door has been left slightly ajar. We'll have to see how we feel about it afterwards. Everybody's got to really want to do it."

Singer Robert Plant, the other surviving member of the original foursome, made no comment to the magazine.

He has hinted in other interviews that he has other projects on and would not be interested in a full-on reunion.

Page dismissed suggestions of tension between the former wildmen.

"People always go on about the bad blood between us, but we wouldn't be in the room together if there was that much bad blood," he said.

Now is the right time for the reunion, he said. "It's better for us to do it now than to wait for another 10 years when we really would need Zimmer frames to get onstage," he said.


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