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Led Zeppelin have launched a TV ad campaign to promote new double album Mothership in the runup to their reunion concert next month.

The campaign, which uses red-and-black animation modelled on the cover art by "street art" illustrator Shepard Fairey, trails the legendary rock band's reunion more than 25 years after they broke up.

The 60-second ad, created by Fold7TV, the TV arm of design agency Fold7, features a medley of snippets from classic Led Zeppelin songs such as Kashmir, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love and Immigrant Song.

It also features rotoscoped footage, where animators trace over live-action film, of the band performing.

The UK TV campaign, commissioned by Warner Music UK, will run on terrestrial and satellite TV as well as cinemas nationwide until Christmas.

"The task was to create an ad that reflects the enormity of the band and the massive impact that they have had on people's lives over the last 40 years," said the Fold7TV marketing director, Sam Balderstone.


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