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immy Page was speaking to Xfm shortly after he and bandmate, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, scooped the award for Best Live Band at the Mojo Honours List 2008. Not bad going for band who, prior to last December's one-off, hadn't played a full gig together since 1980.

Asked if he'd tried to subsequently persuade vocalist Robert Plant to rejoin the band, the legendary guitarist responded: "I'm not going to persuade anyone to do anything. It's just like the O2, you do it in the spirit of your heart, don't you? You either do it or you don't."

Page was quick to quosh rumours that his broken finger wasn't quite the story that had been presented to the public. He said: "Broken finger? Damn right! It broke here," he said, showing Xfm the now-repaired digit. "This one that looks like a knuckle on the end. It seriously was, it was broken in three places."

Responding to the hypothesis that three weeks was a short period of time for a broken finger to heal, Page claimed that his focus on the upcoming gig helped him through, saying: "But I gotta tell you, that was the kind of focus that there was on behalf of everybody towards that O2 gig."

He also added that the finger still hadn't fully healed by the time of the gig: "But my personal focus was that broken finger - it didn't matter [about it], it was just steering ahead. It didn't get better in three weeks, it's just that I played in three weeks."

For those fans fearing that Led Zeppelin might never fly again, Page remained positive that the O2 gig would eventually see the light of day on DVD: "Well I hope so, one day; yeah"

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