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VOX CO2 Deluxe Echo 'Long Tom'
General Specs
Features: (2) Guitar Input Jacks, Microphone Input Jack, Amplifier Output Jack, Footswitch Jack, (5) Level Controls, Echo Type Selectors (Echo, Halo, Reverb, Repeat), On/Off Switch
Years in use: April 1969-September 1970
The VOX CO2 Deluxe Echo is a tape loop effects box that is similar in concept to a modern Echoplex.

VOX also made a smaller physically sized tape echo called the Vox CO2. These models are sometimes referred to as "long toms" and "toms" and both models share the same electronics design. The "long tom" being the larger VOX CO2 Deluxe Echo.

The basic operating principle of tape echoes is to record the original guitar or microphone signal to an endless tape. The echo effect is created by playing that recorded signal back at a slightly delayed time and at a greater or lesser volume level compared to the original. The different effect sounds are created by varying the delay times between the echoes.

Jimmy Page used the VOX CO2 Deluxe Echo from ca. April 1969 until the end of the 1970 US Tour in 1970.


VOX CO2 Deluxe Echo 'Long Tom'
Led Zeppelin, May 11, 1969, Green Lake Aqua Theater, Seattle, Washington
VOX CO2 Deluxe Echo 'Long Tom'
Jimmy Page, Dazed And Confused, February 28, 1970, KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
VOX CO2 Deluxe Echo 'Long Tom'
Leaving the stage, March 10, 1970, Hamburg Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany

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