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Swan Song 9 00511 (U.S.) / 79 00511 (U.K.)
Jimmy Page: Electric Guitar, Sub Octivider, Acoustic Guitar, Electronic Treatments
Robert Plant: Vocals, Harmonica
John Bonham: Drums, Drum Orchestra
John Paul Jones: Bass, Keyboards, Piano

1. We're Gonna Groove 2:36 (Ben E. King/James Bethea)
Recorded on Jun. 25, 1969 at Morgan Studios, London. Engineered by Andy Johns.
2. Poor Tom 3:03 (Page/Plant)
Recorded on May 6, 1970 at Olympic Studios, London. Engineered by Andy Johns.
3. I Can't Quit You Baby 4:16 (Willie Dixon)
Recorded during sound rehearsal on January 9, 1970 at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Engineered by Vic Maille with the Pye Mobile Truck.
4. Walter's Walk 4:24 (Page/Plant)
Recorded on May 15, 1972 with The Rolling Stones Mobile at Stargroves. Engineered by Eddie Kramer.
5. Ozone Baby 3:35 (Page/Plant)
Recorded on November 14, 1978 at Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden. Engineered by Leif Masses.
6. Darlene 5:04 (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)
Recorded on November 16, 1978 at Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden. Engineered by Leif Masses.
7. Bonzo's Montreux 4:15 (Bonham)
John Bonham Drum Orchestra. Jimmy Page - electronic treatments. Recorded on September 12, 1976 at Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland. Engineered by John Timperly.
8. Wearing And Tearing 5:27 (Page/Plant)
Recorded on November 21, 1978 at Polar Studios, Stockholm. Engineered by Leif Masses.

Length: 33:04

Produced by Jimmy Page
Executive Producer: Peter Grant

All tracks mixed at The Sol Studio, Cookham, Berkshire.
Engineer: Stuart Epps

Sleeve by: Hipgnosis / Assorted Images

1990 CD Mastering: Barry Diament
Remastering: George Marino


1. We're Gonna Groove (Alternate mix) 2:40 (Bethea/King)
2. If It Keeps On Raining ("When the Levee Breaks") (Rough mix) 4:11 (Bonham/Jones/Memphis Minnie/Page/Plant)
3. Bonzo's Montreux (Mix construction in progress) 4:57 (Bonham)
4. Baby Come On Home 4:30 (Berns/Page/Plant)
5. Sugar Mama (mix) (Led Zeppelin outtake) 2:50 (Page/Plant)
6. Poor Tom (Instrumental mix) 2:16 (Page/Plant)
7. Travelling Riverside Blues (BBC Sessions) 5:08 (Johnson/Page/Plant)
8. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do 3:52 (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)

1. Four Hands ("Four Sticks") (Bombay Orchestra) 4:43 (Page/Plant)
2. Friends (Bombay Orchestra) 4:25 (Page/Plant)
3. St. Tristan's Sword (Rough mix) (Led Zeppelin III outtake) 5:40 (Page)
4. Desire ("The Wanton Song") (Rough mix) 4:08 (Page/Plant)
5. Bring It On Home (Rough mix) 2:32 (Dixon)
6. Walter's Walk (Rough mix) 3:18 (Page/Plant)
7. Everybody Makes It Through ("In The Light") (Rough mix) 8:31 (Jones/Page/Plant)

Length: 1:04:02

2014 remastered CD engineering: John Davis


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