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1968 Fender Super Reverb Combo Amplifier
Jimmy Page, Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood,
California, January 2, 1969
General Specs
Watts: 40 watts RMS
Speakers: (4) 10-inch Jensen
Inputs: 4 Total (2 for each channel)
Features: Front Panel: Normal Channel- Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Bass. Vibrato Channel- Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity Control - Rear Panel: AC Outlet, Ground, Power and Standby Switches, Speaker, Ex. Speaker, Vibrato Jack, Reverb Jack, Reverb Out, Reverb In
Dimensions & Weight: 24.5"H x 25"W x 19"D, 60 lbs.
Tubes: Power: 2 x 6L6GC, Pre-Amp: 12AX7
Years in use: 1968-1969
The 1968 Fender Super Reverb Combo Amplifier was used in the latter days of The Yardbirds and the early first few months of Led Zeppelin, before they received the endorsement from Rickenbacker for the Transonic amps.


Fender Super Reverb
Jimmy Page, Dazed And Confused, ca. 1967
Fender Super Reverb

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