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1957 Resonet Grazioso
Jimmy Page with 'Malcolm Austin & The Whirlwinds', c. 1960, Left to right: Jimmy Page, Tony Busson, Stuart Cockett and Malcolm Austin. Photo courtesy of Tony Busson
General Specs
Body: Double cutaway Beech body
Finish: Two-tone Sunburst
Neck: Beech
Fingerboard: Beech with black dot inlays
Frets: 21
Bridge: Tremolo with indivdual saddles
Headstock: Beech
Tuners: White 3-in-line
Hardware: Nickel-plated
Pickguard: White
Pickups: Mini, 6-pole Humbuckers
Controls: Master Volume and Tone rotary knobs, 3 On/Off Pickup switches
Years in use: 1958-1961?
From an October 1974 Jimmy Page Interview
My first guitar worth talking about was a Stratocaster. Then I had something called a Grazzioso--don't know where it came from. It was probably a Czechoslovakian version of Fender, that's what it looked like anyway.
In 1957/58, Selmer commenced the import of a three pickup solid guitar which was manufactured initially at Blatn in Czechoslovakia under the Trade name of Resonet by the huge Drevokov Co-operative, part of which made furniture and.....electric guitars!!) This guitar had the model name of "Grazioso" and was designed by a Mr Ruzicka who appears to have been the driving force behind all the Resonet guitars. (By the way, Resonet apparently means "music played in a graceful, smooth, manner" in Czechoslovakian.) No marketing man in the 50's could have lived with product titles like that for very long, so after a short period Selmer changed the name in their catalogue to Futurama. This guitar was the nearest thing to the Stratocaster that was available at that time in Europe, but at 55 guineas was just about affordable to the British. I don't suppose that it should come as any surprise that the Czechs actually gained their inspiration from a genuine Strat that they had imported from the States in 1955!

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