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1953 Gibson EB-1 Bass
From inner wheel of Led Zeppelin III
General Specs
Body: Violin-shaped mahogany, carved top
Finish: Brown stain, painted F-holes
Neck: Mahogany, 30-1/2" scale
Fingerboard: Rosewood, ivory dot inlays
Frets: 21
Headstock: Logo & crown peghead inlay
Tuners: Banjo-style
Pickguard: Elevated Brown
Pickups: Alnico magnet pickup with poles closest to bridge, brown plastic pickup cover
Controls: (1) Master Volume, (1) Master Tone
Years in use: 1970
"Oh, I got a hold of a very nice old Gibson violin bass pictured in the little cutout wheel on the cover of Led Zeppelin III. That was nice, too: it's not stage-worthy, but it gives a beautiful warm sound. I don't like Gibson basses generally because they feel all rubbery; I like something you can get your teeth into. But the violin bass was the only Gibson that was as heavy as a Fender to play, but still had that fine Gibson sound. I used it on Led Zeppelin III and I've used it every now and again, usually when I'm tracking a bass after I've done keyboard for the main track. The one I have went through Little Richard's band and then through James Brown's band, and it arrived in England. In fact, I saw it on an old movie clip of Little Richard, It was probably about a 48 or 50 or something like that: it was the original one." - John Paul Jones, July 1977

According to a Marc 4, 2012 interview with Dave Lewis, John Paul said, "Yes, I still have that. I didn't use it live but it is on record. I think it was used for Tangerine."


1953 Gibson EB-1 Bass
From inner wheel of Led Zeppelin III
1953 Gibson EB-1 Bass

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