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Walking into Clarksdale WALKING INTO CLARKSDALE
Atlantic 83092-2 (U.S.) / Mercury 558 025-2 (U.K.)
Lynton Naiff: Arranged by (String Arrangements - Track 3)
Charlie Jones: Bass
Cally: Design
Michael Lee: Drums
Jimmy Page: Guitar, Producer
Tim Whelan: Keyboards (Oriental Keyboard)
Anton Corbijn: Photograhy by
Ed Shearmur: Programmed by, Other (String Pad - Track 6)
Steve Albini: Recorded by, Mixed by
Robert Plant: Vocals, Producer

1. Shining in the Light 4:01 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
2. When the World Was Young 6:13 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
3. Upon a Golden Horse 3:53 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
4. Blue Train 6:45 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
5. Please Read the Letter 4:21 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
6. Most High 5:36 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
7. Heart in Your Hand 3:50 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
8. Walking into Clarksdale 5:18 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
9. Burning Up 5:21 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
10. When I Was a Child 5:45 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
11. House of Love 5:35 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)
12. Sons of Freedom 4:08 (Page/Plant/Jones/Lee)

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